Our company is a producer, packer and exporter of fresh products specializing in citrus and pomegranes.

It owns 1,200 decars of land on the west site of Limassol district where it grows its fresh produce. It has its own packing facilities and expertise in producing and exporting high quality products to supply many different markets around the world.

Our brand name Pearl of Cyprus has built a reputation for high quality products and we offer reliability to our customers and understanding the needs of different markets around the world.


S.D.Mavropoulos & Sons Ltd. was founded in 1953 by its founder Stamatis D. Mavropoulos as an agriculture company producing and exporting many different agriculture products from Cyprus such as Grapes, citrus, potatoes watermelons etc.

At times it has been the biggest exporter of fresh produce in Cyprus and Greece exporting mainly in Western Europe. It had for years its own sales office in Covent Garden, London for distributing its products.

Today our company trades from its offices in Cyprus and  remains a family business but has a evolved into a modern producer, packer and exporter in order to meet the fast changing environment of the fresh produce industry.