White Grapefruit (Marsh seedless)

Season: October till May

Usage: Eaten fresh, in fruit salads, in cooking, beverages and desserts.

Selection: Good quality White grapefruit will have smooth, firm and shiny skin.
Pick fruit that is medium to large and heavy for its size.
Most white grapefruit will have a rich to pale yellow coloring.

Red Grapefruit (Star Ruby)

October till May

Usage: Eaten fresh, in salads, desserts, and cooking. The oil from the peel of the grapefruit is used in aromatherapy and is prized for its aroma.

Selection: Good quality Ruby Red Grapefruit will have smooth, firm and shiny skin.

Pick fruit that is medium to large and heavy for its size.
 Most red grapefruit will have a rich red colored blush to the skin.

Nova Mandarin

November till January

Nova, a sibling of the Lee, Osceola, and Robinson mandarins, is a hybrid of Clementine mandarin and Orlando tangelo.
The medium-sized fruit is usually subglobose and has a slightly pebbled thin reddish-orange rind that is easily peeled. The flesh is dark orange, fine-textured, and juicy with a sweet, rich flavor.


January till March

The name Mandora a synthesis of Mand(-arine) and ora(-nge) which has been given after considerable thought to this hybrid of a superb quality fruit developed by cross pollination of the two varieties.

It is Mandarin Orange of a rather flat shape of deep orange colour. The pulp is tender and extremely juicy often exceeding 60% of the whole fruit’s weight.

The juice is of outstanding colour, while the flavour is extremely sweet but well balanced with acidity and has a strong, rich aroma. It does not develop delayed bitterness.

Valencia Oranges

February till May

Usage: Snacks, lunches, juiced, in salads, desserts and as a glaze.

Selection: Valencia oranges are firm and heavy for their size, they have a deep orange colour, thin smooth and finely texture skin. When the fruit is fully ripe is sweet, juicy and bright orange inside.



Usage: Juiced and eaten raw.

Selection: Our pomegranates are large, firm and smooth-skinned. The coloring is deep red.

Pomegranates are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. They're also a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium